Human Health Alliance call to action for the Mental Health Community to help protect Human Rights in Malta

Human Health Alliance call to action for the Mental Health Community to help protect Human Rights in Malta

Human Health Alliance (HHA) Malta is an NGO dedicated to health initiatives including promoting and protecting health sovereignty. We are writing to you because we are troubled by the ongoing psychological suffering being inflicted upon our members, the Maltese public, and foreign residents through the so-called COVID mitigation measures.

It is to the mental health community where we turn for help with the true problems at the core of our lives: emotional and existential suffering and conflicts. It is the mental health community where we turn for empathy, wisdom, support, and guidance.

It is for these reasons that we have been unable to comprehend the silence from the mental health community in Malta in the face of the unprecedented, anti-human, anti-science, and truly terrifying COVID agenda imposed via government decree. We would have expected your community to be the principal and primary voice of reason and opposition against these unhinged policies that batter at the core of what it means to be human.

The Great Barrington Declaration, organizations like Doctors for Truth (in dozens of countries), World Doctors Alliance, World Freedom Alliance, as well as thousands of other medical and health professionals have denounced the madness of these scripted worldwide policies as being more destructive than COVID itself. Yet they continue unabated along with the censorship which keeps these brave people from reaching mainstream audiences where a different story can be told.

House arrests (quarantining the healthy), mandatory masking (induced oxygen deprivation of the healthy), and closing down entire economic and social sectors (siege warfare) are totalitarian propaganda tactics that portray every human being as guilty, dirty, and dangerous. The purpose of these barbarous policies looks to be to generate and feed fear to induce healthy people to get injected with experimental medical products under the false promise that only this way can life return to normal. This is called coercion and it is illegal according to the 1947 Nuremberg Codes. It also portrays the utterly disturbing pretense that it is the government that dictates when or if life normalizes.

At the heart of this agenda is an attack on humanity using probably the most sophisticated and all-encompassing propaganda campaign ever seen. Propaganda’s normal use as a psychological weapon is to induce us to obey and accept the destruction of others. This time it is to induce us to damage ourselves. We are living inside a Milgram-type experiment where our willingness to self-abuse is being measured in real-time.

When we take away the fear being spread by government and media despite no declaration of emergency on the Maltese islands, all we can see is the incremental destruction of personal freedom by our elected servants so they can increase their power and control over our lives. They are simply using medical doctors and induced hypochondria to implement a totalitarian takeover of civil society and someone has to stand up and say this out loud. We believe your community is the best-suited to do so.

Through our consultation of the law, our monitoring of medical studies and objective science, and the unwillingness of the Malta Health Authorities to answer our request for evidence to support their policies, we can say with certainty that there is likely no science at all behind any of the mitigation measures. This means we are undergoing a live-time, non-consensual medical experiment, illegal according to domestic and international human rights law with each imposed mitigation measure.

If we are wrong, then the authorities should prove it as we have requested. It is not up to us to prove ourselves right. There is no way we should just believe they are acting with noble and legal intentions when they refuse to even acknowledge and treat or honest and legitimate questions as offensive burdens. After all, the history of human rights crimes is a history of state (and medical) power abusing citizens―even in democratic republics such as ours.

When nobody with authority is willing to stand up and condemn monstrosities, it is left to the citizenry to do so―and so we shall. No legitimately democratic and free society can ever yield to governments or corporations the right to control any aspect of life and body; certainly not to decide who is essential or non-essential, nor who can or can’t breathe oxygen. How many people in Malta not conditioned by this endless fear propaganda, would disagree with us?

We know that when the facts are laid out without this fog of propaganda tainting and distorting people’s perceptions of reality, the entire country will be demanding accountability. We know that sooner or later people will see these truths because even the greatest of propaganda campaigns is fatally flawed by the fact that at its core is a big lie. It is impossible to corrupt and control all the elements needed to sustain such a big lie. This time is no different.

The evidence is all around us that we are being subjected to advanced brainwashing techniques that can be traced back to the worst human rights crimes in history. We are being brainwashed to see each other as dangerous contagions. We suggest you remove your masks and go for a walk as normal and free human beings and you will see that every masked person will see you as a biological threat to them.

The nazis forced Jews to wear yellow stars and later tattooed their victims with numbers. These were the first steps in dehumanizing groups of people and justifying their abuse. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, the German/American lawyer behind lawsuits against the World Health Organization (WHO) and the German government for medical fraud related to COVID, sees the parallels between then and now with perfect clarity. Below we provide a link to him interviewing a Holocaust survivor speaking of how it was the medical community in Germany that laid the groundwork for genocide by aiding and abetting the dehumanization of entire groups of people.

When we think of what Maltese children, families, and the elderly must be suffering because of this great lie, that we are all guilty, diseased, dirty contagions, we weep from the bottom of our hearts. Contrast the ease and speed at which crimes like these are committed against the innocent with the time it takes to expose, stop, and then punish said crimes. Maltese society could fracture completely once people realize the depth of the lies and corruption in the hearts of those we entrust with the power to govern society.

You must know that children are being psychologically and physically tortured by the propaganda of fear and the masks, as well as being conditioned to be mysophobic, anthropophobic, hypochondriac, and God only knows what else. Who can ever know the levels of Munchausen Syndrome and Stockholm Syndrome that are being induced in our country? Childhood trauma is a permanent scar on the soul of a human being that leads to multitudes of problems throughout life. There can be no other way to describe what children are being subjected to than trauma.

HHA is asking for your urgent support to help protect human rights and bring Malta back under the rule of law and objective science. If fear of government is the obstacle, please note that you are not alone in Malta, nor the world, and that having fear of government is reason enough to stand up now while you can be counted among the truthtellers. All across the world, the big lie is falling to pieces.

In Malta, however, the big lie is only getting bigger and someone besides HHA needs to start telling the truth before it’s too late. Thus, we call on you, along with your professional associations, to do whatever is within your power to end this brutal medical experiment and attack on civil society.

We believe this is a national emergency and the greatest of modern human rights issues. Consider what this message will mean in six months if Malta suffers forced experimental injections on your children or elderly parents, total lockdowns, total loss of all freedom of association and movement, and removal of family members from their homes into ‘isolation centers’ as promised by the World Health Organization that the local authorities are following to the letter. We can not allow any government or entity to enjoy this kind of power over our lives under any circumstances. Government is servant, not master.

International lawyers, scientists, and doctors are already working together preparing massive lawsuits against those who perpetrated this shocking anti-human agenda on the world. Be assured the collaborators in Malta will not escape justice. This is the last chance we all have to be on the right side of history this time. Please join us so that we can build a unified front against further abuses against our country.