Love Liberty or Lose Liberty: The choice is yours to make

Love Liberty or Lose Liberty: The choice is yours to make

Every day those of us not suffering from chronic oxygen deprivation and induced hypochondria wake up and ask ourselves: Were the lasts 14 months just a bad dream? We have an answer as soon as we look outside and see the first masked dog walker: it’s not a bad dream but a waking nightmare. What, we ask ourselves, will it take? What will it take for our fellow citizens to wake up from this mass hysteria that pushes them to hand over their freedom to the power-hungry who are hell-bent on humiliating them for as long as possible?

The power-hungry know, they know, that if they tried to send someone to come and take our freedom, it would never be tolerated. Instead, they employ carefully crafted psychological manipulation, fear, and hysteria, to guide people into giving up their freedom! Then, once the majority have been sufficiently brainwashed by the endless propaganda, only then do the power-hungry send in their armed agents to come with violence for the remaining free people who refuse to submit to tyranny. This is the drama of human history and the latest chapter is playing out with the same script as it always has.

We’ve lived great lives in the western world on and off for quite some time now and for this, we are the envy of the world. But built into our freedom and openness is our greatest vulnerability: the potential for the power-hungry to gain and centralize power to dictate and control the lives of others. Control is their greatest joy, the reason they get up in the morning and engage in minimal personal hygiene.

Such people, once reaching positions of authority, will lie and abuse every power our democratic systems loan them. They will twist and shape them and use them to claim even more powers. Because citizens are all busy living, loving, raising families, producing products and services, and keeping everything running and because elected servants are entrusted to serve society we are all sitting ducks when corrupt power-hungry individuals infect our open and inclusive political systems. But even more so when those systems serve global power structures. The head, as they say, is where the rot begins.

Where is the rot today? It’s in the idea of globalism, that ghastly idea of unaccountable wealth and power centralizing all power for itself, at the expense of everyone else, to extract more wealth and power for itself … so it can centralize even more power and wealth for itself.

This is the modern dilemma we face in this world. It is the dilemma we’ve always faced. This is the true conflict that’s always being fought behind the fog of propaganda that distorts our perceptions and distracts us from the real issues. If you think this is a minor thing, you are wrong. This is the most important and bloodiest conflict in history because it is going to determine what kind of future there will be on this planet.

Do you want to be free to decide your own life? Do you want your children to be free to decide their own lives? Or do you want power-hungry sociopaths deciding everything for you? Think a bit before you answer because they would love you to reject your natural freedoms and kneel before them? Do you want grotesque people ruling your life, undermining markets, destroying small businesses by their thirst for monopoly, corrupting governments and media all the while gaslighting us about the nature of their actions? Is this the world you want for your kids?

The irony is that it is your free choice to choose a globalist world of slavery and madness where the concentration of power ends up with a cabal of maniacal morons who just want to destroy everything good in the world because they can—and then lie to us about it. You know the type. They’ve wreaked havoc on the world many times in living memory and they are back in droves. Only this time they have CEO after their names and are wearing pink sweaters instead of military garb, and their minions are the pathetic souls spending their lives in lying servitude to them.

When a sudden and inexplicable crisis happens in the world and the solutions presented to us are 1. lose freedom and 2. centralize power, it’s time to be suspicious and ask how giving up freedom solves anything. The people at the top who centralize power for themselves never lose their freedom. It’s the rest of us through textbook top-down dictatorship who lose freedom.

The idea that the totalitarians who make it to the top care about anything except power is absurd. Totalitarians have no political ideas. They only want control. Everything they do is to increase their power now or in the future. Saving the planet is their ultimate propaganda push. They don’t want to save the planet. They want to control it. They have always seen themselves as superior and the rest of humanity as viruses. Now they’ve convinced the majority of us that we are viruses. What do you think comes next when you imagine how the world looks to totalitarian globalists who believe they are gods?

Do we want liberty or do we want slavery? We had all better look in the mirror and answer that question quickly because the power-hungry sociopaths are encircling us in ways we aren’t yet even ready to admit to ourselves.