Human Health Alliance Open Letter to journalists in Malta to report objective facts on Covid-19 and inviolable human rights in Malta

Human Health Alliance Open Letter to journalists in Malta to report objective facts on Covid-19 and inviolable human rights in Malta

Human Health Alliance (HHA) is an NGO dedicated to several health initiatives including promoting and protecting Health Sovereignty, one of the cornerstones of freedom and civilization.

We are openly calling on you, personally, as a member of the news media, to immediately begin an in-depth journalistic investigation into the policies and agendas behind the COVID-19 mitigation measures.

It is our conviction, which is supported by a growing number of court judgements from across Europe in recent weeks, that there has been a great deal of mismanagement of the crisis, government overreach, and blatant, unjustified infringement of numerous human rights.

There has also been a clear indication, again supported by these judgements, as well as international studies (see below), that statistics have been skewed and medical procedures relating to diagnosis, treatment, and classification of persons either infected with or succumbing to COVID-19, have been shown to lack proper scientific foundations.

This has led to gross misinformation on the part of the public health sector that has not been properly investigated by the news media. You are the ultimate watchdog over government practices, policies, and overreach. It is up to you to report on violations of human rights laws and keep the powers granted to the state in check by informing the public of the importance of issues with factual and unbiased context.

We can not assume that we are safe from government overreach just because we live(d?) in a democratic country. After all, we are seeing one of the worst examples of human rights violations in history being played out before our eyes against an innocent and trusting citizenry frightened into compliance and silence. This can only happen when the news media fails in its historical role to inform about the facts but instead becomes an agent of propaganda for power.

Everyone expects journalists to be guardians of civil society and investigators that hold public officials to account through tough questions, factual contextual reporting, while also giving equal objective coverage to the legal, medical, and scientific communities who question state narratives—be they related to COVID-19 mitigation or some other debacle.

Every oppressive and criminal action taken by every government in history has been shrouded in some benign story justifying the aggression for the good of the people or the nation. Since 2020, our government, who swore an oath to serve us and our constitution, has robbed us of our freedom to decide our own lives and measure our own risks as is natural to all free human beings. This interference in our private decisions is not acceptable in a democratic society where government is servant, not master.

How is it that while over 55,000 doctors and medical scientists have supported the simple Great Barrington Declaration, which is critical of the World Health Organization (WHO) scripted COVID-19 management slavishly followed by Malta, this unprecedented document has been utterly ignored by the health authorities and local media? Are the editorial boards in Malta so much more knowledgeable in the subjects covered by these 55,000 doctors, scientists, and professors they can decide such a historic declaration is not worth reporting or investigating in any way?

Have you as part of the Fourth Estate been reduced to being the bullhorn for an official state narrative laid down from on high? Nothing about the COVID agenda could have been possible without the news media fear-mongering on behalf of the authorities. But what do you think is going to happen when the country reads this open letter, clicks the links, and opens the attachments we have included?

They are going to see the facts, facts that have already been seen in Sweden, Florida, Nicaragua, South Dakota, Texas, and other jurisdictions that did not infringe on human rights and destroy economies, businesses, livelihoods, and families? How does Malta compare to them?

If RT-PCR testing, the primary tool by which a crisis through misdiagnosis is being perpetrated is not suspicious, then we don’t know what is. Doctors and scientists around the world have denounced this kind of testing at the same time as it has been called the gold standard by local authorities. Is this conflict not worth investigating and reporting on so the Maltese people can have facts instead of fear?

Several reports about PCR testing are linked below which indicate that this test should never be used to diagnose infectious disease. This has also been confirmed by a constitutional court of appeal in Portugal. In democracies built on the rule of law, it is such courts that are the ultimate adjudicators to establish the truth after hearing from and studying the evidence submitted by both sides.

It appears that many in Malta have forgotten this essential point, where remarkably the media is even failing to report the conclusions of such important judgements. Quo Vadis democracy, we must ask, when the Fourth Estate fails to investigate and report on facts in context while it, along with the Executive branch, ignores the most important judgements of the Third Estate?

Because relevant studies and judgements have been ignored by the news media, the official narrative has not changed after one solid year of data showing the RT-PCR test as unfit for purpose. And it is still being portrayed as the gold standard by our health authorities to feed hysteria about cases, cases, cases, which incidentally, do not mean anyone is ill or a danger to anyone else.

The aforementioned Portuguese judgement also makes it clear that people need to be diagnosed by doctors and not classified as ill based on an RT-PCR test. The public health sector has taken out of the hands of doctors the all-important function of diagnosing patients. Now the state considers all people ill (guilty) until proven otherwise by a test that is not fit for purpose, regardless of their actual state of health.

This new, extra-judiciary power, therefore, allows the state to decide who is subjected to house arrest, allegedly for reasons of quarantine, and who is not. The Portuguese court also stated that this is illegal and constitutes an abuse of power. How can you as a member of the news media ignore these realities?

Have you ever investigated who is making the money from these endless RT-PCR tests which are incomprehensibly closing in on a million in Malta? Have you ever asked why there is an obsessive promotion of this testing method that invades the blood-brain barrier through the nasal cavity? Is this necessary? Is it dangerous? Are there long-term effects? Does it have other nefarious purposes? Journalists must ask these tough questions of the health authorities.

We are thus calling upon you and your colleagues to investigate the facts about this new idea of regular people being assumed dirty, sick, and guilty until obtaining a favorable result from invasive RT-PCR testing. You could also confirm the causes of death of the stated COVID victims, verify if there are excess deaths compared to previous years in the respective categories, and in proportion to population growth and age in Malta.

While you are busy investigating the above, maybe you can also tell us what has happened to the reporting of influenza and what the scientific basis is for its miraculous (and very convenient) disappearance this year from the world. Has this happened in Malta also? It would also be nice of you to establish what the endless cry of numbers of cases actually means and why the COVID narrative shifted from deaths to cases. Will the sniffles be next? Will Maltese children be removed from their homes when they get the sniffles? Is this where Malta is heading?

Looking into how mask-wearing could be leading to increased illness all over the world, investigating what science says about prolonged use of masks, as well as what independent and objective experts say about how social distancing and lockdowns are more dangerous than COVID, should also be on your agenda. Finally, of course, you could investigate how the rushed and independently untested mRNA injections could amount to uninformed medical experimentation in Malta in contravention of the Nuremberg Codes, and what people are asked to sign (and why) before receiving them.

If the idea of mRNA injections is not enough to keep you awake at night, it means you have yet to actually investigate them. We would recommend you research the public statements of Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, or Dr. Dolores Cahill, Dr. Francis Boyle, or any other of the hundreds of concerned and censored experts calling for these products to be stopped.

But you need to actually listen to them, and then decide for yourselves rather than heed the smears against them, the smears that are always weaponized against those who tell the truth. Few people would likley submit to these injections were it not for the endless fear-mongering inducing them to do so―or if people knew the opinions of dissenting doctors—as we are seeing in France and the USA.

What happens in Malta when there are adverse events or deaths from these injections? Do you know? Does the country know? Do the doctors and nurses know? Does anyone know? Or will you just accept without question whatever the health authorities say to explain away the injuries and deaths? And by the way, how many deaths does it take to suspend and investigate the use of a medical product in Malta? It seems the country should know this but nobody except HHA has asked the question.

Let us be very clear. We are for the freedom of choice, based on informed consent, to use any and all medical products. But many scientists and doctors are not sure if the new mRNA injections can be legally called vaccines since vaccines should have an attenuated copy of the pathogen being targeted. These new technologies apparently do not.

HHA advocates for health sovereignty for everyone, which means informed, personal choice for everyone. But for this freedom to have meaning, true information must be available to citizens. People have the right to be fully informed about the risks and benefits of any medical treatment, and then freely decide. That is the only position to take in a free, rule-of-law society.

Instead, we have a situation where the great majority of people on our islands have not even been informed, either by the public health sector or by the media, that these injections could be classified as experimental, with only temporary licenses issued through Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in the United States and Conditional Marketing Authorization (CMA) in the European Union.

Why are such medical products being used in Malta when no emergency has been legally declared? Is this not a valid journalistic query? Is this still the democratic society we have come to know and cherish or is a new form of medical high-handedness, not to say tyranny, going to continue chiseling away at the pillars of our democracy until it collapses completely? Do you have any idea the importance of The Nuremberg Principles and The Nuremberg Code represent for international law?

You must now more than ever report the facts that lawyers and doctors the world over are working together to prepare more legal actions than those already taken and successfully concluded. The public must know that everyone who has designed, perpetrated, and violated human rights under the COVID agenda is going to face a court of law sooner or later. Probably sooner than even they expect, because the COVID ship is sinking all over the world as violations of the Nuremberg Code can no longer be denied.

This could also mean that some members of the media may be held to account for their role in active COVID-19 misinformation or acts of omission in their journalistic work, all of which is publicly available and highly self-incriminating. But it is never too late to start doing authentic journalism and we are asking you to renew your commitment to being the Fourth Estate. All our freedoms rely on your commitment to this vital role in our society.

We are now threatened with losing our remaining natural freedoms, including that of travel and freedom of movement. These are coercive tactics that violate the law. Again, they will tell us it’s for a limited timeframe, just like they did in the spring of 2020. Again, HHA will doubt them and question them and they will not have the decency to answer us. Because they think they are the masters and citizens are the servants.

And so it is that we are now here, more than half a year after a judicial protest questioning COVID measures that you in the media mocked and disregarded. In reality, it was the perfect blueprint for you to carry out genuine journalism and if you had done so, maybe the country would look a lot different now. Maybe the government would have stopped its cruel interference in the health sovereignty of individual citizens, resulting in less and less freedom. When will the Fourth Estate finally take a stand for freedom and denounce these abominable human rights violations?*-

Please see below a sampling of the evidence which for some reason you in the Maltese media have not reported, or have dismissed previously, including the inevitable coming attempt to transition COVID fear to induce us into accepting the implantation of permanent (objects) into our bodies to monitor for COVID.

We would be happy to provide even more information and testimony to genuine journalists interested in being on the right side of history. Time is running out.

Human Health Alliance
Proud Member of the Word Freedom Alliance

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