Health Sovereignty is one of the cornerstones of a free society and we sacrifice it at our peril

Health Sovereignty is one of the cornerstones of a free society and we sacrifice it at our peril

In the interests of posterity, we would like to remind people what they are about to lose by accepting the loss of privacy in their health decisions.

Not since the invention of the iPhone has there been so great an effort made to capture us as customers for new technology than now. We are, of course, referring to the promotion of COVID-19 vaccines which every day looks and feels more like an iPhone marketing campaign. So, we will refer to these new medical products as iCOVID vaccines from here onward.

But let’s put aside vaccine talk for a moment – because there should be no vaccine talk anyway, except with your doctor – and explore some basic truths.
Nothing on earth is more personal and important than health. Nothing. We all agree on this.

But in reality, there are healthy people and unhealthy people. Some people smoke and some don’t. Some people can eat anything and stay thin (those monsters!) and some gain weight just by looking at carrots. Some are vegans and some are meat-eaters. Some exercise regularly and some don’t get off the sofa. Some are drinkers and some are teetotalers. As different as we all are, what do we have in common?

Health Sovereignty

Health sovereignty is the freedom to choose how to live and what kind of doctors or health practitioners to consult to keep us ticking. Health sovereignty is and should be a private issue. Private. Not public. Not political. PRIVATE. PERIOD.

When it comes time to pay the piper for bad health decisions, we all must pay, eventually. And sometimes we do―with our lives. Our lives. Even though we knew what we were doing; we knew the risks and if we didn’t, then that was on us. Ignorance is not an excuse for anything in the information age. Read that sentence again. It could save your life.

Human Health Alliance advocates for health sovereignty for everyone, meaning your health is a personal and private matter between you and your health practitioner. And probably your refrigerator and your conscience. Knowledge, we all accept, is power. Ignorance, we all deny, is powerlessness. Which do you think is more profitable for the corporate medical system that fosters and profits from illness rather than promotes and supports health? If you can’t answer that question honestly, then probably it’s best you stop reading now.

So, before we would take any medical product, especially ones that could change our bodies forever, we would speak to a qualified doctor. Not a politician, and certainly not a politician/doctor, but an actual doctor. You know, those fine people who swear to uphold the Hippocratic Oath to above all do no harm. They should have answers to our questions, don’t you think? (Or is it better not to ask any questions?) Well, in case anyone’s curious, here are some of the questions we’d ask:

Why do I need this medical product?
What are the benefits and what are the risks?
Does it work the same for everyone and how?
Has it hurt anyone?
If it’s medicine, then why would it hurt anyone?
What guarantees do I have that it won’t hurt me?

These are the kinds of questions we would ask before taking any medical product being pushed on us. But in the case of the so-called iCOVID vaccines and the craziest marketing campaign ever, we would add a few of the following questions.

Why can’t my body overcome the infection naturally?
Do you as a doctor know and understand what this product is and does?
Do you declare that it is not an experimental product in any way and that it
has been subjected to proper clinical testing and full regulatory authorization?
Are you being paid to promote this product to me?
Why have the manufacturers demanded and been given protection from liability?
Will you sign a declaration of personal liability answering all of the above statements
truthfully and that you’ll take personal responsibility if something happens to me?

Depending on the answers to these questions: if we do get answers, then we will make our free choice for ourselves. Not for our parents. Not for our friends. But for ourselves. Because we have freedom of choice that no one can take away from us, not through law and not through social and emotional coercion. Privacy and freedom are the foundations of civil society: the one on the verge of being flushed down the toilet due to mass hysteria.

If you disagree with these ideas, that’s fine. Enjoy your creepy new normal, but do know that you are opening the door to total tyranny by accepting the idea that the producer of a medical product also decides that you will take said product no matter what. This would be the precedent, the beginning of total corporate control over your life.

Just Imagine Coca-Cola Corp. telling your family it will drink 10 liters of Diet Coke per day instead of water. Or that you can only eat synthetic meat. Or that you can’t have children. Or that you can’t live past 60. Or that you can’t leave home. Or that you can’t breathe oxygen. Or that you can’t run your business or have a job because you’re non-essential. Oh wait, that’s actually happening.

That’s just plain crazy, right? But do you think from a business perspective there’s any real difference between the above and being forced into using any other product, medical or not? If you think you’re trading away your liberty just once for a free iCOVID vaccine, think again. If something’s free, then you’re the product. iCOVID vaccines will be forever and you will get as many per year as you are told to in order to keep the profits flowing. It’s not your body anymore. Now, do you get it?

This past year has only been the baby steps toward a life in which “you will have nothing, own nothing, and be happy,” according to the head of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab. Author of COVID-19: The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution, two books you may want to read if you care to know the bleak future being planned for you and your children. Think Mein Kampf for the 21st century.

There’s another question we would like to ask the public to consider. And we think most normal people would agree it’s an important question worthy of a rapid and concrete answer: How many people have to die or be injured after using a medical product before the product is suspended?

In 1976, in the USA, there was a swine flu hysteria which bears a striking resemblance to the current iCOVID hysteria. At that time, it only took just over 50 suspected post-injection deaths to end that mass vaccination program. Just over 50 deaths out of around 45 million injections. This is just a historical fact and an important.

Think about that for a moment while you ponder that since December 2020 tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries have officially followed the iCOVID vaccines. And these numbers are just between the UK, Europe, and the USA―factually and objectively available through their respective vaccine adverse event reporting systems. Did you see where we wrote the word FACTUALLY? Shouldn’t someone with authority ask why this is happening?

But we don’t see that on the news in Malta, do we; yet it’s out there, it’s true, and has been reported widely in rare places with genuine media.

Oh, dear Lord, if only there were a vaccine for Stockholm Syndrome, this madness wouldn’t have lasted more than the 15 days they promised us last year.

By Human Health Alliance (HHA) Malta, member of the World Freedom Alliance.