Human Health Alliance Call to Action for Malta’s medical communities to protect Human Rights and Health Sovereignty

Human Health Alliance Call to Action for Malta’s medical communities to protect Human Rights and Health Sovereignty

Dear Doctor,

Human Health Alliance (HHA) Malta is an NGO engaged in health initiatives including promoting and
protecting health sovereignty, the most basic human freedom. We are writing this open letter to all
doctors in Malta due to our grave concern for the well-being of our members and the Maltese
population as a whole―all of whom are suffering mental and physical duress due to the so-called COVID
mitigation measures.

Thousands of doctors from around the world have denounced these measures as dehumanizing, anti-science, and thoroughly destructive. Groups such as Doctors for Truth, World Doctors Alliance, The Great
Barrington Declaration, World Freedom Alliance, America’s Frontline Doctors, as well as thousands of
other medical and health professionals around the world have spoken out against quarantining the
healthy, mandatory oxygen deprivation through masking, and experimental gene-modification injections
being marketed as vaccines.

These groups and individuals have all been censored or sanctioned in some way to punish them and
dissuade others from speaking out. History tells us that censorship is always the first step taken on the
road to tyranny and we question why there has been absolutely no debate in Malta about the so-called
mitigation measures that have been imposed on the country.

We have asked the Maltese health authorities―both formally through participation in a judicial protest
and informally through electronic mail and regular mail―for the science behind quarantining healthy
people (properly known as house arrest), depriving citizens and residents of their natural supply of
oxygen/fresh air, of sunlight, human contact and social interaction, normal education, and labour, in
addition to constitutionally and internationally protected freedoms.

The unique science used to justify draconian policies in this once free country seems to be top secret and
only for the privileged eyes of the government. We are curious if you, as a doctor, find this acceptable.
We are also interested to know why the medical community on these islands has so easily accepted
being disempowered by the state in the fulfilment of their medical roles and basic functions, rights, and

We are referring to the fact that in dealing with COVID-19 the doctor’s role in diagnosing illness has been
taken away and politicized without so much as a peep of opposition. Do you not realize this is the first
step to being replaced by technology and other dehumanizing systems that remove private health
sovereignty from citizens and doctors?

In addition to the above, we also find it troubling that the state has usurped you of your role in
determining adequate treatments for patients on an individual basis. Since when has medicine ever
been practiced as a one-size-fits-all treatment regime applied to all ages for the healthy and the sick?
This smells like a business tactic, not a health policy.

The thousands of persons who have been diagnosed as sick by the state, who are not hospital cases,
have mostly been sent home to isolate without being given a treatment regime, while several effective
treatments exist. The suppression of these treatments may be unprecedented in medical history.
And what of our natural defenses and immune systems? Did natural human immunity and accepted
epidemiology get silently replaced in March of 2020? Why should we be at hysterical and existential risk
from this one novel pathogen called SARS-CoV-2 when it has such a low fatality rate?

To make matters even worse, doctors have been told by the state that they are not to fulfil their functions
and duties by carrying out home visits. Once again, the state has impeded you from exercising your
profession per standard practices and your Hippocratic Oath. Are you aware that this breaches the Public
Health Act, which states that doctors are duty-bound to continue to treat patients and effect home visits
even when a state of public health emergency has been declared?

All these facts and questions have left our members and many in Malta wondering what exactly the
doctor’s role has been reduced to―and how relevant it remains―in light of the state’s overreaching
mandates to both patients and doctors. Is it to stand by in silence while we the citizens and taxpayers are
sold to pharmaceutical companies? After COVID, what’s next: having rations of Coca-Cola forced upon us
to replace drinking water?

Few groups in society enjoy the status and respect commanded by the medical community. For this
reason, governments throughout history have at times used the power of the medical community to
initiate or justify the gravest of human rights abuses. We see the potential for this to occur in our country
today using the classic and time-tested It’s For Your Safety propaganda technique so perfected by
totalitarian regimes.

When we look at all the so-called mitigation measures objectively, we see nothing but dehumanization
and psychological manipulation. Moreover, we ask how it is possible that while so many thousands in the
medical and scientific communities overseas have questioned and challenged the heavy-handed and
unscientific approaches by governments in the handling of COVID-19, their peers in Malta have remained

The only time doctors have been vocal has been to push the government to take even more draconian
measures that have already been declared unscientific and illegal by several European national court
judgements. Not even the outrageous forced masking (oxygen deprivation) of children and citizens has
resulted in vocal indignation and opposition from local doctors. We erroneously believed that doctors
would take to the streets after this shocking dictate last October. But we were wrong. What happened to
the idea: Do no harm?

Following a judicial protest filed against the Minister of Health and the Superintendent of Public Health
last autumn, the medical associations denounced the protestors instead of supporting them. They
dismissed their legitimate concerns, and instead of acting on behalf of society, simply sided with the state.
But the focal point of the entire judicial protest was simply the publication of the science behind the
decisions and the issues. Why would this be criticized by any medical association?

We wonder if anyone even read the judicial protest that many of our members took part in. Does the
public not have a right to request the publication of the science that supports the policies and claims of
the Superintendent of Public Health, policies that infringed on the health sovereignty of citizens? Are
citizens not supposed to question and understand the government policies their taxes fund? Or should
they just obey?

It is all well and good to repeat the mantra that the policies are following the science. But when the
science and the data are withheld from the public, especially after being judicially called upon to be made
available, this can only further erode the national confidence in the public health procedures that have
been so staunchly supported by the medical community in Malta.

The Hippocratic Oath should be used by doctors as a shield to protect society from abusive measures, as
well as from all types of dubious medical policies such as that which the country is being subjected to
under cover of COVID. The Hippocratic Oath can also be a sword for truth and freedom, but only if it is
wielded by those willing to honour and use it effectively. This is all we ask of you: all your loved ones could
ever expect of you.

Is it possible that doctors are still either unaware or unwilling to speak out against the misinformation and
misinterpretation of the available data: actions that will soon be exposed to the true light of day in
national and international courts? These legal actions will cover so many aspects of the COVID debacle,
from the shocking nature of the invasive RT-PCR testing based on the rushed Corman Drosten
paper―decimated by a peer review of distinguished scientists―to what many scientists claim are
experimental injections inexplicably being presented as ‘vaccines’ to a trusting public in blatant violation
of the Nuremberg Code.

These ‘vaccines’ have only been granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in the United States and
Conditional Marketing Authorization (CMA) in the European Union. They are thus seen in law to be
experimental. Moreover, how is it possible that doctors have remained silent about such products being
used on the entire population when no actual emergency has ever been declared in Malta? Why are
therapeutics not the chosen option, considering how few people are affected by this illness?

Are your patients aware of the above facts? Are you comfortable with your friends and family members
being coerced into receiving experimental injections when they may be healthy and not remotely at risk
from this pathogen? How is that reconciled with the Hippocratic Oath that requires patients to be fully
informed of the details of any medical intervention?

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world may have already died and millions injured from
these injections if we extrapolate the official data reported from VAERS and EudraVigilance. Yet the
injections are continuing. Is this normal? How many deaths or adverse reactions must there be before the
use of a medical product is halted and investigated? We are guessing that before March 2020 this number
did not have to be very high. In fact, in the 1976 mass vaccination campaign against swine flu in the U.S.A.
it took just 53 deaths related to the injections. What has changed since then that hundreds can die every
day with no reaction?

Doctors should be aware the evidence being collected domestically and internationally is being used by a
global team of lawyers, doctors, and medical scientists not only to put an end to what they are claiming
to be malfeasance but also to bring to justice those behind the malfeasance―as well as those who
collaborate with it. Silence is no more of a defense for crimes against humanity than just following orders.
With the approaching imposition of so-called Green/Vaccine Certificates that limit travel and create a
two-tiered society similar to that of 1930’s Germany, we predict the eventual level of suffering and
fracture of Maltese society will be tremendous. Israeli data shows that 40 times more elderly have died
since mass injections began in December 2020. In addition, Israel’s Green Certificate has turned society
into such a nightmare that Israeli lawyers have filed a complaint at the International Tribunal at the Hague
for crimes against humanity through illegal medical experimentation. Norway has followed this example.
Soon there will be a tidal wave of such complaints. There is no statute of limitations for human rights

This is not hyperbole in any way and below we provide you with video footage of testimony from a
Holocaust survivor and other historical video documentation that may surprise you. This disturbing
testimony, collected by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, one of the leading lawyers on the global legal team,
demonstrates the seriousness of the situation faced by those in the world medical community for their
role in collaborating with the COVID agenda. We urge you to see it and all the other samples of data we
have collected and listed below.

No matter how large a majority perpetrates and/or collaborates (actively or passively) with medical or
state malfeasance there are always just enough voices of conscience that refuse to comply, refuse to
remain silent, who bring down all the lies with just one declaration of truth.

Although the prevalence of such brave people is very low, it takes just one honest person to stand up and
tell the truth to alter the course of history. In the case of the COVID agenda, the affront to logic, science,
medicine, and history are so terrible, so blatant, that it has resulted in thousands of voices speaking out.
Look at Dr. Mike Yeadon for an example of this. No person could be more mainstream, being a former
chief science officer of Pfizer. Yet his indignation at the manipulation has surfaced over this past year and
it is now driving him to question and expose all aspects of this agenda. He is but one of thousands of

In short, you should know the COVID ship is sinking internationally―and will soon be sinking in Malta.
Those of you who wisely become conscious of the issues should simply speak the truth by wielding the
sword of the Hippocratic Oath. The more doctors that join together to do this, the faster we can return
our society to the rule of law and health sovereignty free from political interference for the benefit of
everyone, including your own families and friends. Only then can we begin to treat the people who have
been damaged by this nightmare, especially the traumatized children.

One other fact worth noting is that there is no doubt whatsoever that the politicians behind these
atrocious policies will seek to find a scapegoat in the medical community by blaming the local doctors for
everything. Doctors had best be prepared for that, of course, and it is doubtful that you need to be told
how to defend yourselves against this inevitability.

The fact that many doctors’ associations have inexplicably pushed the government to take even more
draconian measures than implemented will be the perfect fuel they would need to light the Auto De Fe’
against the medical community. Your community is being used and usurped and is ultimately going to be
blamed for the malfeasance and catastrophic results of the COVID measures imposed on the country over
the past year.

We know, and all the evidence shows, that at the heart of the COVID agenda is an attack on humanity
through the incremental destruction of personal freedom and centralization of power by the World
Health Organization, United Nations, and powerful transnational corporations. It is part of an
orchestrated attack on western political, economic, and financial models which rest on the foundations
of freedom and law.

The psychological techniques used to induce people to submit to experimental injections in exchange for
a return to normalcy will eventually fail and be exposed. Moreover, the truth behind this international
agenda is to never return to normal: it is designed to create a new economic and medical/political
paradigm that dehumanizes and disempowers everyone except the wealthiest and most powerful.
Every legal and philosophical principle upon which human civilization has been built becomes
immediately threatened by even the slightest deviation away from individual personal liberty. For every
breach of the sacred principles of liberty, every concession made under the false hope of some kind of
security, we take a giant leap closer to the ever-waiting and open jaws of a totalitarian dictatorship that
power-hungry people the world over dream of.

But what history, as well as the entire body of justice and democracy, tell us over and over is that no
principles are more important than individual freedom and natural fundamental rights. This latest
attempt to undermine human liberty and the rule of law is failing thanks to the thousands of medical
scientists and millions of citizens who are speaking out against it.

In closing, let us remind you that The Nuremberg Principles clearly state that just following orders
an indefensible position and a crime against humanity in itself. Human Health Alliance encourages
you to be on the right side of history to make the return to normalcy in Malta as timely and
effective as possible.

Human Health Alliance

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