Health Sovereignty is a pillar of civilised society

Giving away freedom is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. Nothing on earth is more personal and important than health. Nothing. We all agree on this.

But in reality, there are healthy people and unhealthy people. Some people smoke and some don’t. Some people can eat anything and stay thin (those monsters!) and some gain weight just by looking at carrots. Some are vegans and some are meat-eaters. Some exercise regularly and some don’t get off the sofa. Some are drinkers and some are teetotalers. As different as we all are, what do we have in common?

Health sovereignty.

Health sovereignty is the freedom to choose how to live and what kind of doctors or health practitioners to consult to keep us ticking. Health sovereignty is and should be a private issue. Private. Not public. Not political. PRIVATE. PERIOD. Sure, some of us try to influence, in a very limited and occasional way, members of our family who are not exactly the pinnacles of health. Most likely, though, our advice, comments, or concerns are not welcomed and in some cases may annoy our loved ones―despite our good intentions. Why? Because it’s their body, their choice, and their life once they reach the legal Age of Majority.

Still, when it comes time to pay the piper for our bad health decisions, we all must pay, eventually. And sometimes we do―with our lives. Our lives. But we knew what we were doing; we knew the risks and if we didn’t, then that was on us. Ignorance is not an excuse for anything in the information age. Read that sentence again. It could save your life.

Human Health Alliance advocates for health sovereignty for everyone, meaning your health is a personal and private choice between you and your health practitioner. And probably your refrigerator. Knowledge, we all accept, is power. But ignorance comes before knowledge and only by asking questions can we overcome our ignorance. Then we reflect on the answers we get. Then we make decisions. Then we reflect on the consequences of our decisions and try to do better the next time. This is the path we are all on as human beings.

We only hope to make the path more interesting.